How Do You Connect with Crunchyroll Customer Support?

If a recent report is to be believed, more than 84% of organizations thrive to improve their customer support service. Why? Simply prioritizing customer service would increase revenue. Customer satisfaction is important when building a successful business. That’s what Crunchyroll, Inc. is doing. The world’s most popular anime brand, Crunchyroll, a WarnerMedia company, connects anime and manga fans in more than 200 countries and delivers content to 100 million registered users worldwide.

Although it looks impossible to please such a massive number of customers/ users, Crunchyroll’s stunning customer support will leave no stone unturned to appease them all. Let’s take a sneak peek and know how to connect with the best Crunchyroll customer support!

7 Ways to Contact Crunchyroll Customer Support

“I’m looking for Crunchyroll customer support phone number to speak directly with the experienced team. I’m not finding the number. Can anyone help?”

Unfortunately, Crunchyroll, Inc. doesn’t have a customer phone number. That doesn’t mean you cannot get avail professional help. Here are the best ways to receive the best customer support from certified people.

Email Support:

The second most reliable way (after customer phone number) to receive help from the authorized staff is via email. Crunchyroll customer email support allows you to write your concerns in detail. The more information you provide regarding the ongoing issues, the easier it will be for certified guys to address your concern. Within 24 hours, your queries will be addressed by one of the knowledgeable personnel.

For technical issues like app crashes, videos not displaying properly, bugs, and more, you must include as much information as you could. You may like to include the details about the device that you are using. Furthermore, if your question is related to billing or monetary-related, make sure you include the date of the transaction, billing zip code of your credit card, expiration date, the amount charged, etc.

You may like to check out the below-mentioned email addresses for different issues other than tech issues. However, you need to choose the appropriate email contact to obtain the best help from the right team.

  • Press & Company Information: Send your emails at [email protected] for speaking, press, and other communication inquiries.
  • Crunchy Studios: Contact the knowledgeable staff at [email protected].
  • Partner with Us: For people who would like to partner with Crunchyroll, they can send details at [email protected].
  • Advertising: Are you interested in advertising with the popular American publisher, distributor, production, and licensing company? You can send your details to [email protected].

Help Articles for Your VRV Account:

“I cannot sign in or create an account via web”, “How do I cancel my subscription?” “What platforms can I watch VRV on?” “How do I update my Payment Method? What payment methods are available?” “Help! My Premium isn’t showing up!” and “What is happening to Boomerang?” – All these help articles will come in handy to get rid of various issues.

Join Public Forum and Get Your Answer to Your Query:

Didn’t find any help article useful? It is time to join the public forum. Crunchyroll has a great forum community where you not only find people posting queries but also receive help from other people and an awesome team of moderators. The Crunchyroll forum is a fantastic place to go when you don’t find a way to deal with your ongoing issues.

FAQs and Knowledge Base:

The FAQs and Knowledge Base is the ultimate space to find knowledge base questions and answers. The page offers more than just “Crunchyroll Hiring FAQs”, “Most Popular Questions to Crunchyroll”, “Billing or Sign Up Questions”, “Technical Questions”, “General Questions Other Help”, and “Crunchyroll Store Questions” related queries. You may also like to check out its “Promoted Articles” to find answers to your queries.

Launch your favorite web browser, navigate to the Help Page, and access the “Search” bar to get the right answers.

Seek “Live Chat” Help:

Access the “Live Chat” or “Help” option on the page. It is a pop-up button and when you click on it, you will be prompted to stick to the instructions. In the “How can we help?” search bar, enter your concerns and queries. That’s it!

Submit a Request:

What type of problem are you facing? Reach out to the “Submit a Request” page and “choose your issue” carefully from – General Questions, Technical, E-Commerce, Billing, Membership, Account/ Login. You can also access the “Search” bar to put your questions

Crunchyroll Customer Support through Social Media:

Social media is a fun way to connect with others and seek immediate assistance. Crunchyroll’s social media handles are no exceptions. You can surely check out their pages – Twitter, Instagram, “Facebook”, and LinkedIn – for quick help.

Try one of the ways to obtain the quickest and reliable Crunchyroll customer support.

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