Fixed: Computer Gets Slower After Installing Norton Antivirus

A smooth, lag-free computer is everyone’s preference. The seed of a computer system depends on both internal and external factors. While internal factors comprise mainly processor, RAM, hard disk, and GPU, external factors can be applications, programs, viruses, multiple tasking, etc. Less RAM and low disk space are generally the reason that hampers the speed of a computer system. If this is not the case with your system and your computer has the hardware of decent configuration, then it can be because of external factors such as viruses and malicious software. You can check your computer for viruses by installing a good antivirus like Norton Antivirus. While Norton is a reliable and robust Antivirus service provider, it is also known for impeding the speed of a computer on which it runs.

If your computer is lagging or performing slow after installing Norton Antivirus, then you can get rid of the issues by following the below-mentioned steps:

Steps to Fix Slow Functioning of Computer after Install Norton Antivirus

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Minimize the numbers of programs to load at start-up.
  3. Delete all temporary files.
  4. Uninstall any unwanted software.
  5. Remove any software or utility having a conflict with Norton Antivirus.
  6. Make sure that there is no other security software installed and running.
  7. Make required changes from Norton’s start-up manager in the performance
  8. Make sure that the hardware of your computer are working well. If not, get them replaced.

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