Comcast Cable Customer Service Phone Number

Comcast is said to be the second-biggest broadcasting and cable television in the world. It is known for offering its services to both home and business users alike under the XFINITY brand. The company is not only known for offering a sophisticated network that provides fastest broadband speeds, and delivers personalized video, home management, and communications, but also ensures customer satisfaction through its steadfast Comcast cable customer support. If you are a user of Comcast services, experiencing any problem with your Internet, TV or Phone, you have Comcast cable customer support for your assistance.

Why You Need Comcast Cable Customer Service

While Comcast always tries to provide its services with zero interruption, however, considering such a large customer base, some issues and errors might affect the experience of users one or the other time. To help users in such time, the company offers assistance through its Comcast cable support. Some of the most common issues and queries experienced by users are:

1.) How to troubleshoot Internet connection with the Xfinity My Account app?

2.) Unable to change my WiFi Network Name and Password in the Admin Tool.

3.) How to fix error CMOD-54001? The error message says “We’re sorry, but we are experiencing an issue at the moment. Please try your selection again in a few minutes or try a different one….”

4.) Forgot my Comcast username and password. How to recover it?

5.) Having problem making calls with my Xfinity voice services.

6.) How to use the Caller ID features with Xfinity Voice?

7.) Why the lights on my Xfinity Voice Modem blinking or glowing?

8.) Unable to check my data usage for my Internet service.

9.) How to return or exchange my Comcast devices and accessories?

10.) Having a problem connecting my phone to the internet.

Apart from these issues, if you have any other problem or queries related to Comcast cable’s product or service, you can seek help from Comcast cable customer support anytime you wish to.

How to Contact Comcast Cable Customer Service?

Reaching Comcast cable customer support for assistance is very easy. The company offers assistance in numerous ways which make it easy for the users to get assistance for their problem. Following are the options from where you can find a resolution for your problem.

  • Talk to An Agent:
  • Live Chat Support:
  • Find a Service Center:
  • Forums:
  • Account & Billing:
  • Status Center:
  • Internet Service:
  • TV Service:
  • Voice Service:
  • Home Service:
  • Mobile Service:


  • YouTube:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Reddit:

So, these are the assistance options available at Comcast cable customer support. For more information on Comcast cable, you can visit the official website via link –

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