Asus Router Customer Support Service Phone Number

Asus is a multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company, headquartered in Taiwan. The company is not only a leading gaming brand and manufacturer of the motherboards but also counted among the top three consumer notebook vendor. Apart from being a desktop, laptop, tablets, graphic cards, wearable, peripherals, servers and workstations, the company is also into manufacturing of networking hardware including Routers.

Asus is known to produce reliable routers, suitable for both home and office use. So, whether you are looking to make your home WiFi enabled or wish to setup strong WiFi connection for office, you can rely on Asus routers. However, if you ever face trouble with your Router or any other Asus products, Asus router support is always there for assistance.

Why You Need Asus Router Support Service?

Although Asus routers are reliable and hardly ever cause trouble to the user with their functionality, however, following are some of the issues and queries users have about Asus router.

1.) Having problem connecting to OpenVPN server with the device on Mac, iPhone, and Android.

2.) Unable to remove the registered DDNS name from previous router.

3.) Unknown characters are being displayed in the file name when sharing files using FTP.

4.) Problem signing in the ASUS Router via Telnet connection.

5.) Unable to set up IPTV.

6.) Unable to activate Monopoly mode for printer.

7.) Having problem in setting up system settings.

8.) Unable to restore/save/upload setting.

9.) Computer cannot access to Internet through wireless connection.

10.) WiFi LED light on the router is not blinking.

If you ever face any of the above-mentioned issues with your Asus router or any other problem, you can always seek assistance by reaching Asus customer support.

Asus customer support is the place where you can get reliable support for all your issues and queries related to your router and other Asus product. The company provides multiple options to get assistance for your problem which makes it easy for the customers to seek assistance accordingly. To make it convenient for users the company offers support for consumers and commercial separately. The reliability and multiple assistance options make Asus customer support dependable.

How to Contact Asus Router Tech Support Service?

Contacting Asus customer support is quite simple. Following are the options that you can use to get assistance for your issue or query for Asus products.

Support for Consumer


Clicking on this link will take you to the webpage of Asus customer support. As you are seeking assistance for your Asus router, you will need to click on the SHOW ALL PRODUCTS option located under Select Product section. From the list that appears on your screen, you will need to click on the Networking option. You will be directed to the next screen, where you will need to select the Product Series and Product Model under Select your Product section. Selecting the appropriate Product series and Model will show you relevant options on the right-hand-side. The options will be:

  • Driver & Tools
  • FAQ
  • Manual & Document
  • Warranty

Select the appropriate option from the given options and you will be directed to the next screen. On the next screen, you will see following four options under “Need Help?” section.

  • Chat With Us
  • Email Us
  • Call Us
  • Find service locations

Choose the appropriate options from the list to get assistance for your Asus router.

Support for Commercial


Clicking on this link will direct you to the Asus’ Commercial support web page. On this page, you will find following options.

  • Download Drivers
  • Warranty info
  • Walk-in Service
  • B2B Chat Now

You can select the relevant option from the given ones to seek assistance. Apart from these options, you also get the following Commercial Support phone number.

Phone Number for Asus Commercial Customer Support: 1-888-606-2787 (Monday to Friday) (5:00 AM PST to 6:00 PM PST)

So these are the options available for Asus customer support. If you need further information about Asus, you can visit their official site via link

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