ASUS Customer Service Phone Number

Asus is known for offering a wide range of computers, laptops, and netbooks to consumers worldwide. The computer laptops manufactured by Asus suites almost all consumer verticals, beginning from inexpensive models with free Chrome OS to high-end laptops for professionals and gamers. Though Asus is a leading name in the computer market, several issues are experienced by Asus computer users due to different reasons.

Why You Need ASUS Customer Service Support

ASUS is a reliable name in the technology market but technology has its limits and sometimes users need more assistance to understand the product features that’s why ASUS builds a strong customer support team to fix any queries or issues related to the product. Some of the common issues are listed below.

1.) Unable to create a recovery disc for an Asus Laptop: A lot of users face trouble creating a recovery disc for their Asus laptop due to different technical reasons.

2.) Power Issues with Asus Laptop: Users have reported about their Asus laptops keep draining power from the battery.

3.) ASUS Laptop is not turning on:  Sometimes Asus computer doesn’t start even after turning off properly.

4.) Touchpad not Working: Many Asus laptop users experience issues with their touchpad not working adequately.

5.) Internet Connection: Improper Internet connection or frequent jamming of the internet is another most common issue with Asus computers.

How to Contact ASUS Customer Service?

For any inquiry or issue related to your Asus products, you can easily contact Asus Customer service support via these options:

System Product Support:              1800-2090365 (toll-free)

Retail Product Support Only:       1-877-339-2787 (toll-free)

ASUS TAICHI VIP Support Only:  1-866-455-2787 (toll-free)

Component Product Support:    1-812-282-2787

ASUS Store Support Only:            1-855-755-2787 (toll-free)

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