LinkedIn Customer Service Phone Number

Linkedin Customer Service

LinkedIn is a social networking site that is specially dedicated to business and employment-oriented services. LinkedIn is primarily used for professional networking, facilitating both employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their curriculum vitae. Available for both website and mobile application, the social networking application has more than 500 million users worldwide, making it one of the biggest business networking sites in the world. While LinkedIn has a huge customer base and offers reliable services, sometimes users experience different issues with their LinkedIn account. In order to deal with such…

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Twitter Customer Service Phone Number

Twitter Customer Service

Twitter is a worldwide popular social networking site that allows users to share, post, and interact with messages termed as “tweets”. Whether you want to express your reaction to something or wish to create a moment, Twitter is an ideal platform for such things. You can follow other Twitter users and they can follow you back. A lot of worldwide celebrities, politicians, government and non-government bodies have an account on Twitter which allows them to connect with their fans, public, and consumers directly. While all these factors do have made…

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Facing Skype Call Quality Issue – Fixed

Skype Call Quality

Skype offers free audio and video calling for individuals and groups. It is one of the best applications for video calling. Through conference calling you can get connected with friends and family members living far away. However, Skype users sometimes get poor quality issues during their calls. This issue can be due to varied reasons. Are you also having issues with your Skype call quality? In order to resolve the poor call quality problem, the following measures can be taken. The measures have to be applied by you as well…

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How to Add Contacts on Skype?

add skype contact

Skype is an instant messaging app that offers free messaging and calling (audio and video) to its users. The business version allows smooth and quick online business meetings making work much easier than before. Here is a guide on how to add contacts on Skype. The first step you would like to do after installing Skype is ‘Adding Contacts.’ It is of no use without contacts. Adding contacts to your Skype is an easy process. If you have the Skype user name of the person, it will become easier to find…

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Is Your HP Printer Not Printing? Know-How To Fix

hp printer not printing

HP printers are stylish and versatile to use at home and offices. You can find them for different needs such as small work teams, business requirements, commercial and industrial presses, etc., sometimes little glitches can interrupt the printing experience. Here is a solution to one such common error. Do you see the error ‘Unable to print this document? If yes, you can consider the following measures to solve the printing issue with your HP printer: Check that you are connected to the printer. To do this; go to Control Panel…

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