How To Activate Gmail 2-Step Verification


Followings are some simple and easy to follow steps to activate the Gmail 2-step verification feature: Login to your Gmail account and go to account settings Look for the Two-Step verification option and enable it After that you will see “2-step verification” option within “Password & Sign-in method” option You will be required to provide a phone number where you will receive the verification code Select an option to receive the verification code whether an SMS or a phone call by Gmail Simply save the changes and the feature will…

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Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number

Yahoo Customer Support Number

Yahoo has been in the business for more than 2 decades offering various web services such as web directories, news, weather, entertainment, Fashion, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers, and, especially, Yahoo Mail. Yahoo has earned a lot of reputation worldwide and what has made it a reliable name in the industry is its Yahoo customer support service. The customer support of Yahoo allows users to experience uninterrupted Yahoo services by providing prompt assistance for all Yahoo-related issues. Some of the common issues for which you can seek assistance from Yahoo customer…

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Xerox Printer Support Phone Number

Xerox Printer Support

Xerox printers are highly popular all over the world for offering attractive features, high-quality prints, and reliable Xerox printer customer service. The company is known for producing some of the best photocopiers and computer printers. The company is manufacturing a variety of printers that makes it more convenient to select the most suitable one depending on certain factors. How to Contact Xerox Printer Support If you are having any problem with your Xerox printer, you can avail reliable solutions through any of the following options: PhotoSMART: It is a unique…

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Webroot Customer Support Service Phone Number

Webroot Customer Service

These days there are numerous viruses and malware available that can instantly damage your computer and can even steal your information. Webroot antivirus can offer you strong protection against all these threats and can keep you safe. It is offering reliable solutions to the users via Webroot Customer Service. It has various impressive and powerful features that have attracted huge numbers of users all over the world. How to Contact Official Webroot Customer Service The webroot antivirus users have the following available options to get solutions to any of the…

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Verizon Customer Service Phone Number

Verizon Customer Service

Verizon is a highly popular name for offering a number of high-quality products and services including the email service. Verizon customer service and impressive features have offered great help to the company to make it a successful venture. But the services are not available for everyone to sign-up. Only Verizon users can enjoy the high-quality email services offered by the company. How to Contact Official Verizon Customer Service Users can avail reliable solutions to their Verizon email problems through any of the following available options: Verizon community: The community has lots…

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