Samsung Customer Service Phone Number

Samsung Cutomser Service

Samsung range of computers includes Windows Laptops, Windows Desktops, Chromebooks, tablets and Monitors. Having such an extensive range of computer products, Samsung computers offer a blend of style and performance to its users. Being a technical product, some issues are common with Samsung computers and require professional assistance to fix. How to Contact Samsung Customer Service? In order to get in touch with the customer support team of Samsung, you can either visit the support section of Samsung’s website for live chat and email support or you can call them…

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Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number

Microsoft Customer Service Phone Number

Microsoft is a multinational technology company known for developing, manufacturing, licensing, supporting, and selling personal computers, computer software, consumer electronics, and other related services. Some of the well-known software products of Microsoft are the Microsoft Windows series of operating systems, Microsoft Office Suite, and Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers. Coming to its hardware products, Xbox video game consoles and the Microsoft Surface series of touchscreen personal computers are among its flagship range. Microsoft is regarded as the world’s largest software maker (by revenue) and also one of the most…

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LG Customer Care Service Phone Number

LG Customer Service

Mainly known for laptops and monitor, LG manufactures quality monitors and laptops offering wide range of advanced features. LG is also known for launching world’s first All in one chrome OS computer. However, issues and errors in LG computer laptops can be quite troublesome for users sometimes and may require to seek professional assistance. Why You Need LG Customer Service 1.) Monitor Problem: LG monitor doesn’t display anything if left idle for more than half an hour and need to re-plug to wake it up. 2.) Flickering Display: Flickering of…

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HP Computer Customer Service Number

HP Computer Customer Service

HP is well popular name for designing, developing and selling a wide range of computers. Its computers range from desktops, laptops, all-in ones to notebook and ultrabook. Being among the oldest computer makers, HP is one of the most reliable brands among users for its computer series. However, there are numerous issues which are experienced by users in HP computers sometimes. How to Contact HP Computer Customer Service? As there is no specific HP Computer Customer Service Number listed for HP on their official website, for any issue or query…

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Dell Computer Customer Service Phone Number

Dell Computer Customer Service

Dell doesn’t need any introduction as a computer designer, developer and seller of Laptops, Desktops, All in ones, 2 in 1 laptops, and monitors. Having such a wide range of computer products under its belt, Dell computers have a great reputation among both home buyers and office buyers. How to Contact Dell Computer Customer Service? You can call Dell Computer Customer Service team in case you face any issue with your Dell computer laptops. Below you will find the official Dell Computer Customer Service phone number. Home Users – Premium…

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ASUS Customer Service Phone Number

Asus Customer Service

Asus is known for offering a wide range of computer, laptops and netbook to consumers worldwide. The computer laptops manufactured by Asus suites almost all consumer verticals, beginning from inexpensive models with free Chrome OS to high end laptops for professionals and gamers. Though, Asus is a leading name in the computer market, but several issues are experienced by Asus computer users due to different reasons. Why You Need ASUS Customer Service Support ASUS is a reliable name in the technology market but technology has its limits and sometimes users need…

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Apple Computer Customer Service Phone Number

Apple Computer Customer Service

Apple computers are generally known as Macintosh or Mac computers. Known for being reliable, quality build, and design, Apple computers are widely used by users for both personal and professional use. Apple computer includes Mac Pro, Mac Mini, and iMac. Despite being such a feature loaded and quality rich computer, some common issues keeps on popping up in Apple computers. How to Contact Apple Computer Customer Service? In case of any issues or queries related your Apple products, you can get your query solved via email and online chat support…

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Quora Customer Service 800 Toll Free Number

Quora Customer Service

Quora is a question-and-answer platform to ask questions and get quality answers. It is answered, edited and organized by its users. Quora provides online support to its users in case they have any issue. How to Contact Quora Customer Service? There is no toll-free number or phone number for Quora Customer Service. It only offers a list of pre-answered questions (you can get solution if your issue is already answered) and a form to post your query. Official URL Contact Form Some common issues are listed here. Common…

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WhatsApp Customer Service Phone Number

WhatsApp Customer Service

WhatsApp is a freeware, cross-platform messaging application for smartphones. It is used to share text messages, images, GIFs, documents, videos, audios and contacts. Audio and video call service is also available. How to Contact WhatsApp Customer Service? WhatsApp Customer Service can’t be contacted through toll-free number but there are other options. Check them below: WhatsApp contact details   WhatsApp Product support WhatsApp Business Inquiries  Users report issues with their WhatsApp account; some of them are listed here. They can be solved by contacting the support team. Common Issues…

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Tumblr Customer Service Number

Tumblr Customer Service

Tumblr is a social networking and micro-blogging website. Users can share multimedia content and short blogs. If you are having any issue with your account or having any query regarding your account so you can contact Tumblr customer service phone number for an instant solution. How to Contact Official Tumblr Customer Service? There is no toll-free number for Tumblr support but still, you can contact Tumblr Customer Service in the following ways: Tumblr support   Report violation of community guidelines    Scroll down for some common issues with…

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