How To Import Your Email Account In Verizon

Verizon Email Settings

Importing emails from one email account to another allows easy access to all your mails at one place. Apart from this, there can be other reasons for a user to import emails from one email account to another. Almost every email service provides this option. Here is a simple guide that can be followed to use import option in Verizon account. Steps to Import Your Email Account In Verizon: Login to your Verizon message center and go to the ‘Settings’ option. In the Settings page, from the left navigation, select…

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How to Create Verizon Sub-Account?

Verizon Sub-Account setup

Verizon provides an exclusive service to its Fios TV subscribers; creating SUB account. A SUB is an additional separate email account that can be set up by the administrator through the main account. Although SUBs are created through a single account, they are completely separate. Separate sub-accounts can be created for family members and friends without any assistance from Verizon email customer service. This allows the primary account holder to assign various services which he is using to sub-account users. These services include viewing TV programming through Fios mobile app….

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How to Add Signature to Your Roadrunner Emails

Email Signature Tutorial

Email signatures are very helpful especially when you have to send many emails in a single day or you are sending the emails for professional purposes. With email signature, you save the time of typing same concluding lines in every email plus they give a professional look to your emails. Let’s see in the post ahead how you can add signature to your Roadrunner email. Steps to add a signature to your Roadrunner email: Type the official Roadrunner login page URL in the browser address bar. Enter your login credentials…

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How to Recover Deleted Roadrunner Emails In Few Steps?

Recover Deleted Emails in RoadRunner

While de-cluttering your inbox, you have accidentally deleted an important message or you have deleted an email before and now you realize that it was important. Don’t panic, you are not the only one who have done this. This is among the common issues email users face. At one point or another, we all have deleted some important emails accidentally. If you too have deleted some important emails, you will find the solution here (in reference to Roadrunner account.) Such emails can be recovered easily if they are still in…

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How To Block Unwanted Emails In Yahoo?

block unwanted emails

Are you fed up with unwanted email in your Yahoo email account and want to block unwanted emails from your Yahoo account so you do it easily by following the below given steps. You can follow the steps mentioned below in order to block certain email addresses to stop receiving emails from them: 1. Sign in to your Yahoo account and go to “mail options”   2. Go to “blocked addresses” option   3. Now go to “add an address” box and type the email address you want to block…

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How to Add Gmail to Yahoo Mail Account?

Add Gmail to Yahoo Mail

Do you want to check your Gmail account to Yahoo mail? if yes then its good news for you. Now Yahoo mail has this feature to add your other email address in Yahoo mail account so that you can save your time and can check other email address email from your Yahoo account. Below mentioned steps will help you to add Gmail to yahoo mail account. Simple 5 Steps To Add Gmail to Yahoo Mail Yahoo allows its users to attach other email accounts with Yahoo inbox. If you want to Add…

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How To Fix Gmail Loading Slow Issue?

Gmail Loading Slow

There are many users who have to face Gmail loading issue at different times even when their internet speed is good but its not permanent and you can fix this by following some steps. Check out the steps below to fix Gmail loading slow issue. The Followings are few simple and quick solutions that can help in fixing the problem: Update your browser if you are using an older version. Select the minimum numbers of email to be shown on a single page. At the time of loading, Gmail offers…

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How To Activate Gmail 2-Step Verification


Followings are some simple and easy to follow steps to activate Gmail 2-step verification feature: Login to your Gmail account and go to account settings Look for the Two-Step verification option and enable it After that you will see “2-step verification” option within “Password & Sign-in method” option You will be required to provide a phone number where you will receive the verification code Select an option to receive the verification code whether an SMS or a phone call by Gmail   Simply save the changes and the feature will…

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Yahoo Customer Service Phone Number

Yahoo Customer Support Number

Yahoo has been in the business for more than 2 decades offering various web services such as web directories, news, weather, entertainment, Fashion, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers, and, especially, Yahoo Mail. Yahoo has earned a lot of reputation worldwide and what has made it a reliable name in the industry is its Yahoo customer support service. The customer support of Yahoo allows users to experience uninterrupted services of Yahoo by providing prompt assistance for all the Yahoo-related issues. Some of the common issues for which you can seek assistance from…

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Xerox Printer Support Phone Number

Xerox Printer Support

Best Solutions via Xerox Printer Support Phone Number Xerox printers are highly popular all over the world for offering attractive features, high quality prints and reliable Xerox printer customer service. The company is known for producing some of the best photocopiers and computer printers. The company is manufacturing a variety of printers that makes it more convenient to select the most suitable one depending on certain factors. Contact Xerox Printer Support: If you are having any problem with your Xerox printer, you can avail reliable solutions through any of the…

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